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Ceramic objects

and ideas

handmade in California.


A New Yorker by birth and a Californian by inclination, I found a love for making ceramics after moving to Pomona, CA from Downtown LA in 2018.

Four years after my first class at The American Museum of Ceramic Art, in Pomona's Arts District, I have a ceramics practice at the AMOCA Ceramics Studio where I am a Studio Artist.


Line, texture and utility inform the work. I have a particular passion for glazes. I approach them with a sense of play and experimentation, looking to create uncanny textures and mysterious patinas that ask to to be touched.


My influences include American and Italian ceramacists of the 20th Century from Georgr Ohr to Ben Seibel, Marcello Fantone and Bruno Gambone; the "warm Modernism" of Central and South American designers such as Jean Gillon, Don Shoemaker and Sergio Rodriegues; and Brutalism in architecture and design. The dark glamour of Rick Owens' fashion and furniture designs and the work of photographers Berndt and Hilla Becher illustrate the tension that I strive for: 


Modern, Textured and a little bit Brutal.   


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